Greater Houston Area Structural Engineering

MPS Engineering, Inc. was established in 1997 with the goal of providing economical engineering and inspection service at the highest level of quality and integrity.

We have over 76 years of combined engineering and inspection experience in the residential and commercial construction industries. We augment our experience with the latest computer aided design tools to provide cost effect solutions for our clients.

As part of our continuing efforts to bring new technology to our clients, we have re-designed our entire web system to allow our users “easy” access to their files and ordering on any device with access to the internet.

We want you to be able to access the files you need, as well as the ones you didn't know you needed, wherever you are... in whatever situation you happen to be in. Whether it's meeting with a potential client, a meeting with co-workers or at the municipalities... you have all your engineered plans at your fingertips ready to go when you are.

So how does this help your bottom line if you are a mid to high end production builder?

  • Instant access to your files anytime, anywhere 24x7 (Accounts associated with your company will have access to your drawing files | Search is Instant by address or plan )
  • Reduced overhead managing your requests (Our system does this for you in a well laid out interface)
  • An online order form with file attachments enabled (A typical request can be submitted in less than a minute | Drag and drop uploading)
  • Online WPI 2 form  to submit your paperwork for processing
  • Confirmation emails sent back to the requester for record keeping (The system will generate a confirmation email automatically formatted with your request details)
  • Printable reports of all outstanding work
  • Unique, one of a kind Interactive Texas Department of Insurance Catastrophe Map. (Search an address to find the wind speed requirenments)
  • 100% mobile friendly website